2012 in the rearview

13 01 2013

Saying goodbye to 2012
2012 was a great year for Yankee Toys.
We added new events and locations to our schedule. Our club’s membership grew but more importantly our
attendance, participation and a sense of community continued to grow.

We found our Spring Meeting moved from under a EZ up in the woods to a state of the art Dealership with lunch and lift time included.
Our event’s potluck menus grew (along with our waist lines!) and amazed many new members and guests with our hospitality.
The events were well planned and the weather even cooperated with about 50% of the weekends!

The Fall Gathering continues to be an amazing event that many Toyota enthusiasts put on their calendar every year as the “must attend” event of the year. We saw a great turn out regardless of the weather and the club saw one of it’s best Vendor supported raffles to date.

The 2013 season wheeling schedule is about a week or two from it’s official release.
There will be a few new properties added to the schedule and we will do our best to continue to run things smoothly.

Yankee Toys is based purely on volunteer time. This is not a job but a choice that many have made to continue the club’s tradition and camaraderie.
The Board of Directors puts in time every year to make sure your wheeling season is secured, that your events are planned
and that the club continues on strong.

Almost all of the positions in your cub’s board of director’s will be opening up in just a few months.
Many of the club’s positions require little time but are very important for the club’s well being.
Many of the positions can be what you make them and the time they require can be up to you.

If anyone is interested in any positions within the club and has questions on the job’s duties and the time they
could possibly require please feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

I look forward to 2013 and hope to see you all on the trail!

Live Free & Wheel!




4 responses

14 01 2013
Joe Finn

Look foward to meeting the Crew !!!

14 01 2013

Look forward to seeing you out at events Joe.

23 06 2013

We wanna go four wheeling. Have a toyota t100 . Live in springfield intrested in finding some cool places to trail ride. Like to find some nice lookout spots. Any help would be grest. Weekends free.

23 06 2013

Just had a great day of wheeling in Westhampton, MA today.
If your interested in joining check out the “join” tab of our web page.
If you have any questions feel free to email me – Rain76King@hotmail.com

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