Work Day/ Trail Maintenance

2 09 2014

There is a scheduled work day on 9/20/2014 at Swanzey/LMFT.  The goal is to provide a decent parking area for trailers.  Details will be posted as I get them.




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4 09 2014

We are having a 4 X 4 event in Kingston NH on October 4th,2014. We have a mud run ( 200′ long ), rock crawl ( 450′ long ) , free style moto x .Also music and food all day . Admission is $15.00. The event starts at 1:00 pm but if you want to enter the event ,gates open for 9:00 am.
Location: 60 Depot Road Kingston NH 03848

4 09 2014

What’s the name of your club?

4 09 2014
Yvette Kuzirian

We do not have a club, only one or two events per year. It has been called the W.T.F.Fest, this one is The W.T. Fall Fest
If you need more info 603-347-5032

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