If you’re interested in joining or renewing your membership with the club we will have a new online application by the end of this week ( 6/3/16 ).

We are moving away from mail in registrations at this point.
It will make us far more efficient and make the process far more easy for applicants.

Membership run from October to October.
They are not pro rated. If you join in June of 2016 your dues will be up by October 2016.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our membership director Ed @ or myself – Bob


19 responses

21 12 2014
Dave Cotharin

I was an avid Jeep (sorry I used the word) wheeler for 7+ years, almost every weekend and I sold it, I do however have an 03 tacoma that I may consider wheeling BUT I am not looking to modify my yota to the extent I did the Jeep. Do you go on runs that are more gentle than what is posted? on youtube? or are there typically go arounds where you wheel? I notice allot of older YJ’s that Im sure no one wants to mess up.

Dave C.

22 12 2014

Hey Dave you and your Tacoma would be welcomed to join us. There are plenty of runs that your truck would be capable of doing. I myself drive a 4Runner on 32’s. We run trails that your daily driver would be able to handle.

23 12 2014
Dave Cotharin


Thank you for responding, I’ll take the next step after the holidays.

Dave C.

31 12 2014

Happy New Year Dave, keep an eye out for updates on this coming years schedule.

5 01 2015
Junior Pimentel

Hi thinking about joining but I’m a little concerned because the club is from CT. I’m in MA, about 15 minutes from downtown Boston actually. So really my questions is, Do you guys mostly meet in CT or can someone from a different state join and pretty much wheel with you guys on the weekends closer to home? Also I should note that my “rig” is not built. I own a 99 4Runner 4WD completely stock, other than a leveling kit. Just want to get my feet wet.

5 01 2015

Or club has member in CT, MA, VT, & NH. The majority of our members are in MA, which is the home base of our club, not CT. I myself have a 98 4Runner with minimal lift. We have trail rides that can range from stock friendly to extreme. You are more than welcome to join our fine group, if you have any questions feel free to contact me

11 03 2015
Brian Cronin

Hi….my name is Brian…I am a HUGE TOYATA CONASUER. I have an ’89 Yota extended cab all tricked out….but still in the works. Your club sounds absolutely awesome. If u could/would send me some info to this e-mail….I just can’t wait to possibly join!!! I haven’t been wheeling in quite some time. can travel on/to outings and would love to find out where you guys are based out of in New England. Hope to really hear from you soon. Thankyou again for your time in reading this. keep wheelin’. Sincerely. Brian Cronin.

12 03 2015

Hey Brian thanks for the interest in our club. You can find an application for membership on our membership page. It is the 2014-2015 membership application. Most of out club interactions are on Facebook and IH8MUD. Check them out when you get a chance. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or post up on Facebook or IH8MUD. Here are the corresponding links.

25 05 2015
Deborah Iazzo

Hello! I am excited to find your club, hoping there are more than a few members and events in the VT area. I run a modified FJ Cruiser, with 3″ lift, 33″ tires, full armor, cb, offroad LEDs, and just did the FJNortheasters annual meet at Rausch Creek. Really enjoyed wheeling with some GCLC members, which led me to your club. Anyhow, I’m looking to find local Toyota wheelers & events, and wondering if Yankee Toys is it!

Many thanks,

25 05 2015

Hey Deb glad you found us, we would be glad to have you. Gotham and the FJ Northeasters are a great group, we have members that are a part of both of those organizations. We do have runs in VT, MA, and NH. My will send you an email with some details on our next club function so ou can check us out.

25 05 2015
Deborah Iazzo

That would be wonderful! I did read your schedule of events on this site, and would like to know more about those as well. I’m registered for VT Overlaners October rally, trying to find local folks to wheel with – any of you going? I know about the Coal Miners event at RC, but I’ll be…at the FJ Summit!!!! Yahoo! So I’m particularly interested in doing August and September events. Or some snow wheeling over the winter.

Membership question – if I join now, will I need to be renewing in October ’15?
Is all group communication done through the IH8TEMUD forum? Or is there a separate forum that is only open to registered members?


23 02 2016
scott seaverns

hi I am trying to become a member of your club I sent in a check and the paper work can you tell me if you got it I am from Plymouth ma

23 02 2016

Good afternoon Scott. I checked with Jason and he has received you check and application. It is currently being processed. You will soon receive a club tee-shirt and our schedule of events.
Will Sealy

1 05 2016

Hi I have been trying to become a member of your club. You cashed my check promptly when I sent it in February, but I have never heard from you again. I would appreciate some communication, or at the very least a refund of my money. I belong to FJ Northeasters and have not had this type of problem. I was looking forward to getting involved.

1 06 2016

Your Check was not cashed, it’s on my desk.
I tried calling your cell number from your application several times to let you know there was no additional need to add your wife but you never answer your phone and your mailbox has been full for quite some time.
I would of emailed you but your email address was less then legible on your application form.

I understand your frustrations but please understand mine as well.


7 05 2016
Tim O'Shea

I have a 1970 FJ40 and it is kept at my weekend home on Cape Cod. It needs some restoration work. Can you recommend a trusted expert on or near the Cape?

1 06 2016

Unfortunately no.
We have a number of good Cruiser body guys in the club.
“Poor Wally’s LandCruiser Emporium” in VT and “North Country Cruisers” in Madison NH.

If I can help any further feel free to email me at

25 05 2016

Hi is new member registration still open if so how do I do it I’ve been dying to go off-road in my Toyota but I’m not having very good luck finding a club that actually goes off roading ☹️ Most just …..don’t do many events

1 06 2016

Hello Henry,

We are currently updating our registration process as of now to an online registration application with a database.
Hoping to have it up and running on this site under membership in a few days.
Thanks for your patience,

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